Discover the Great Barrier Reef with 'Undersea Explorer': A Submersible Adventure!
Out in the open ocean you can view stunning reef fish, corals, rays, sea turtles or maybe even a shark! Join us on-board the Undersea Explorer for a PRIVATE REEF KIDS PARTY TOUR. Our vessel can hold up to x 15 kids on one tour. We also require at least one adult to accompany the kids. Times and dates must be discussed and booked in advance so call or email us your details and we’ll be happy to accommodate you. NOTE: all tours are weather dependent! This trip is 45-50 mins on the water.

Please call us on 1 (649) 432-0006 OR Email:

Schedule: To be arranged with Caicos Tours

Contact Us for Prices. Residents get a discounted rate!

Our Tour Guides are extremely knowledgeable & are true ambassadors of the Ocean.  We are proud of the effort and energy our guides give to each and every tour.  Gratuity is not mandatory on any of our tours, however it is extremely appreciated, so should you wish to extend your guide a token of your appreciation it would be most welcomed ? The Passenger Cabin is ‘inside’ the belly of the boat, we do not fully submerge.  Should any guest need to, they are free to go ‘up top’ at any point during the tour. The only limitation to being able to participate in a Semi-Submarine Tour is being able to navigate a short set of steps similar to a household staircase.
With the exception of water bottles with screw lids, we kindly request that you do not bring food or beverages onto the vessel. Bring your sunglasses or a hat / cap, you will appreciate them when you disembark! Regarding digital cameras, we highly recommend that you make sure your camera battery is fully charged, that you have plenty of space on your SD cards or that you bring a back-up SD card.  Due to the ambient lighting inside the vessel, an underwater or low lighting setting is recommend.  We also recommend that you disengage the flash, as it may bounce against the windows and take a photograph of your face! Please be careful of sharp objects (watches, jewelry, cameras etc) against the windows.  We want to avoid those nasty scratches!
If you are prone to motion sickness we strongly recommend you take medication before your trip.  The Semi-Submarine is an extremely stable vessel, but we are out in the open ocean and some movement may be felt. If you suspect you may find the Semi-Sub at all claustrophobic then sitting at the back of the vessel, next to the exit is usually sufficient to alleviate concerns.  Please advise the Captain or the Crew at time of arrival and they’ll look after you. We do not run our tours on ‘Island Time’.  We run our tours ‘On Time’.  Please be ready for pick-up at the requested time (indicated to you at time of booking).  If you are making your own way to dock, please be there 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.  We depart for our tour either when all of our guests have arrived, or at the scheduled departure time, whichever comes first.
Our location is detailed on the ‘Where Are We’ page.  Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you require further directions. We have a simple but strict cancellation policy, a cancellation fee of 100% applies if you are cancelling within 24 hours.  However, if given sufficient notice will do our very best to accommodate any rescheduling requests.  In a nutshell, give us enough notice so we can fill your spots and you wont be charged. We require credit card details to hold your booking, however we don’t take payment at that time, we have a credit card machine on the boat so we will run the payment dockside, please note that we don’t take Amex, and that you can of course pay cash.