To be pre-booked

Private Mermaid Adventure

In addition to our Mermaid Adventure trips, our Turks and Caicos Mermaid can also make private appearances. This experience is available for private kids’ parties, kids’ camps, weddings or corporate events, however please note that this experience is only suitable for villas/residents with a pool. In order to make this encounter possible, there is a little bit of planning that needs to happen in order for the mermaid to “appear” in the pool! This will be discussed before-hand.

Dive into a World of Mermaid

Discover the hidden treasures of the ocean, swim with mystical mermaids, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Private Mermaid Encounter PRICES

  • 1 x Hour Private Mermaid Encounter Starting at $500.00 USD

    12 years and older

Pay us direct and we pay the gov tax on your behalf (effectively giving you a 12% discount)