Monday to Saturday

Reef Adventure

This guided tour is informative and fun for the whole family. Take a trip out into the open ocean in our semi-submersible boat to view Turks and Caicos’ stunning coral reef formations. You’ll get to see a huge array of different reef fish, crustaceans and possibly even rays. You will also get to spend some time cruising in Turtle Bay looking for our resident Green Sea Turtles. This is one of very few places IN THE WORLD where you’ll get to see so many endangered, wild and free Sea Turtles in their natural habitat up-close. It is a very special experience!

Dive into Unforgettable Adventures

We offer an array of exciting experiences that cater to every adventurer’s desires. Here are our unbeatable prices for your next aquatic escapade:

Reef Adventure Prices

  • Adults $70.00 USD

    12 years and older

  • Child $60.00 USD

    Under 12 years

  • Private Charters $1000.00

    Max people x 16

Length of tour : Approx. 45-50 mins on the water (kids attention span) Pay us direct and we pay the gov tax on your behalf (effectively giving you a 12% discount)